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A Broken Break

Posted: December 28, 2012 in Everyday epics, School sagas
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Have you ever felt that the busier you were, the more you had to say? Or conversely, the more time you had to say something, the less motivated you were to say it? Welcome to my winter break.

Nearly 3 weeks of rest and quiet. Or nearly 3 weeks of restlessness and fidgeting. Depends on how you look at it, I guess. Will I ever be able to enjoy the simple pleasure of turning on my xBox just to collect wildflowers in Skyrim ever again? Doubtful. Even my time-wasters have become laden with purpose. I watch medical dramas and use them to test my ability to apply what I’ve learned this semester. I practice taking a targeted medical history whenever my fiancee comes home from work. I paint miniatures to steady my scalpel hand. Am I obsessed? Or do I just love what I do?

I have to be honest, I’m not sure there’s a difference. At the beginning of the semester I lamented that all anyone outside of school asked me about was school. It was rather near-sighted of me, especially since all I seem to have to talk about is school now.

Which brings me to my winter break again. It was a forced three-week rest away from studies. I spent some quality time with friends and family, and yet despite my best efforts I quickly found myself in withdrawal. I started counting down the days until classes restart a week ago. Am I crazy? Or just passionate? Is this unhealthy? Or is it the drive that makes a great physician?

Here’s the bigger question – how long until my fiancee tries to smother me in my sleep? Thank goodness school is only 110 hours away.